Ideal Image: Fastest Growing Name in Laser Hair Removal

February 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Ideal Image is the nation’s leading laser hair removal company, and they are paving the way for permanent laser hair removal. Ideal Image’s flagship center opened in Tampa, Florida in September 2001 and the success was immediate. According to Dean Akers, Ideal Image's CEO, “The demand is explosive for drug-free hair removal services which can be performed on a lunch-break. The trendsetters and professionals in markets across the country are especially embracing our services.”

Ideal Image extends franchise offerings and is expanding their services nationwide. After the first franchise opened in Sarasota, Florida, the demand for franchises escalated and Ideal Image now has locations open throughout Florida, in Atlanta, GA., Savannah, GA. Kansas City, MO., Knoxville, TN., Las Vegas, NV., Boise, ID., Charlotte, NC., Winston-Salem, NC., Salt Lake City, UT., Dallas, TX., Hartford, CT., and Sydney, Australia.

Over the next year additional locations will be opening in Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Arizona and Utah.

Akers explains the demand for Ideal Image, "We own and use multiple types of the world's most advanced lasers, all of which are FDA approved. Many other laser treatment facilities only rent one laser and therefore can't provide the level of customization critical for the most effective treatment." This choice of different lasers enables the Ideal Image medical professionals to tailor treatments to individual skin and hair types, thus providing more comfortable and effective results.

Unlike electrolysis, which was the rage of the '80s, Akers says "the laser hair removal procedures are more effective, quicker, far less painful, and much less expensive than traditional methods. Best of all, it doesn't cause ingrown hairs or scarring which can often be a result of plucking, waxing and electrolysis."

To remove hair, lasers pulse a light beam over the skin for a milli-second. The light energy passes harmlessly through the skin but is absorbed by the melanin, or pigment, in the hair follicle. The result is a disabled hair follicle that impairs the hair's ability to grow.

Effective laser hair removal requires multiple treatments staggered over many months because melanin is only available during the growth phase of a hair. At any one time, only a percentage of the hairs are in this vulnerable portion of the cycle.

All treatments are performed by one of Ideal Image's medical professionals, and last anywhere from a few minutes for an upper lip to up to an hour for a full leg procedure.

Every medical professional is trained by the laser manufacturer, as well as, Ideal Image. The most common areas requested at Ideal Image to date have been backs for men and facial hair, bikini lines, and legs for women. According to Ideal Image Research and Development Director, Dr. Robert Ailes, "Some patients say the treatment feels like a rubber-band snapping against the skin. For sensitive areas, some patients opt for a topical anesthetic."

Treatments are usually performed every 8-10 weeks, and there's no need to grow the hair out between visits, so patients can continually enjoy smoother skin. Patients can resume normal activities immediately after a procedure, although they're cautioned to avoid tanning while undergoing treatment.

Ailes cautions that laser surgery is not for everyone who wants hair removal. "Blond and red hair are not usually receptive to the laser treatments. The most effective results are seen with dark hair." The website offers a glossary and discusses further treatment protocol for laser hair removal.

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About Ideal Image: Laser Hair Removal
Ideal Image opened its flagship laser hair removal center in Tampa, Florida in 2001 and has locations open throughout Florida, in Atlanta, Ga., Savannah, Ga., Kansas City, Mo., Knoxville, Tn., Las Vegas, NV., Boise, Id., Charlotte, Nc., Winston-Salem, NC., Salt Lake City, UT., Dallas, Tx., Hartford, Ct., and Sydney, Australia. More locations will be opening soon in Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Arizona and Utah. For latest news about new openings visit the website.