Medical Claims Processing at Health Plans, Payers & TPAs becomes easy with Automation to EDI from MedValue

February 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
MedValue, the leading provider of Claims Processing solutions to America’s Insurance Payers, at its recent Customer Conference highlighted the benefits of its groundbreaking Paper Claims to EDI Conversion Utility Service; a service that eliminates the handling of Paper Claims inside of Americas Insurance companies, Health Plans, Physician and Hospital Management Services Organizations (MSOs), HMOs, PPOs, and Third Party Administrators.

“Insurance payers and MSOs alike have been buried by mountains of paper forever”, said President & CEO Raj Vaswani from MedValue’s Chicago headquarters. “We have developed an innovative, elegant, low cost solution for those Insurance Payers who are unable to cost-effectively process paper claims.”

The MedValue Paper Claims to EDI Conversion Service is a turn-key solution that allows Claims Processing organizations to cut claims processing costs, improve accuracy of paper claims adjudication, increase auto-adjudication rates, enhance productivity of claims examiners and archive paper claims for easy and convenient search, retrieval, and access anytime from MedValue’s Document Management System through an intuitive and secure web interface.

“Our utility service provides two key capabilities”, said Vaswani, “On the one hand it converts paper HCFA-1500 and UB-92 claims and stores them electronically in our web-based Document Management System (DMS) for easy retrieval at any time from any PC connected to the Internet. And on the other hand it converts the paper claim into a standard EDI stream (NSF 2.0 or ANSI 837-4010 format), similar to that which claims departments receive for electronic claims from Providers through their clearinghouse.”

“No more handling of paper” said Vaswani. “Our solution is fast and easy to use. And it is fully CMS and HIPPA compliant. With overnight delivery of Claims data and secure, instant access to Paper Claim images from any PC 24*7, our clients gain improved productivity from their claims examiners, who no longer have to enter data manually.”

And the best part is it’s very affordable. No upfront investment is required in additional hardware or software to work with MedValue. MedValue’s Global Delivery Model combines offshore resources from its centers in India with state of the art systems in its United States headquartered to deliver a high quality service at low cost to its customers in the Healthcare industry.

Mr. Vaswani figures that clients are saving between 40%-60% of the fully loaded paper claims processing cost by using MedValue’s Paper Claims Conversion Utility Service. Health Plans, who had 32 claims examiners to process 32,000 claims per week, with MedValue’s back-office assistance require only 12 claims representatives to adjudicate paper claims because they no longer are required to perform manual data entry of paper claims before starting the adjudication process.

For a free consultation to learn how MedValue services can benefit your company and to get a no cost, no obligation demonstration of our Paper Claims to EDI Conversion Utility, contact: Raj Vaswani at e-mail protected from spam bots or toll-free at 877-528-1863 x621.

About MedValue
MedValue Offshore Solutions Inc. provides low cost, high quality data processing and support services to Medical Groups, Hospitals, third party administrators, service bureaus, Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators, HMOs, PPOs, Health Plans, and Physician and Hospital MSOs and ASOs. Our mission is to enhance our clients’ growth and profitability through creative use of technology and high quality, affordable offshore talent from our center in India. MedValue is headquartered in the Chicago area and is a U.S. corporation with offices in Chicago, New Jersey, and Southern California and state of the art Operations Centers in India. MedValue Offshore Solutions Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries are collectively referenced as MedValue.

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About Us: MedValue is a Leading Provider of Low Risk Outsourcing Solutions to the U.S. Healthcare Industry. MedValue offers low cost yet reliable and high quality data processing services to both Payers and Providers in areas of Revenue Cycle Management and Claims Adjudication as well as Document Management & Imaging.

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