NEW eBook "…a Woman, a Man & a Family…"

February 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
The eBook "a Woman, a Man & a Family" is based on real people, their real lives and real experiences. It's a story of abuse and rescue from abuse. It's a story of fear and facing fear. It's a story of faith and finding faith.

This is the synopsis:

"She was a good-looking and brown-skinned Hawaiian girl with plush and long black hair. He was a Hollywood-handsome California boy with thick and curly blonde hair. A submissive wife: Her upbringing fashioned her to be. A dominating husband: His upbringing fashioned him to be.

She was Lani Ako. He was Sinclair Harper.

Where once there was joy and life for Lani and Sinclair, there came to be sorrow and death. Where once there was close togetherness, there came to be deep, dark and wide division. Where once there was hope for the future, there came to be immobilizing dread of the future. Where once there was a knight in shiny armor, there came to be a ghoul in black cloak. Where once there was the believed-to-be impossible, there came to be the promised-to-be possible—for a woman, a man and a family."

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