NEW Book "Risen". From birth to burial: All contest in this life. All can win their every contest in this life.

February 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
On the first of April 1985, his world and his life collapsed overnight when chronic disease struck him at the age of twenty-three. On thirty-one May 1986, he became a wanderer when he sold everything that he owned, cashed in his life insurance policies and flew to London from Chicago, with no intention of ever returning. Subsequently and for years to follow, he traveled from town to town, from country to country and from job to job. He went in search of something. He did not know what he was looking for. He knew only that he had to find it whatever it was, provided that it was; but what he found was nothing—nothing but destitution. By 1992, he was lost. He was angry at the world; and he was all alone in the world. He was living in a lean-to on the beach in Hawaii, with three stray dogs guarding him and his secluded camp. His life was over; and he knew it. He was the same as dead; and he could feel it. This was the old him and the life that he left behind, no thanks to him.

A beautiful romantic love become an ugly human tragedy, a once cold heart warmed, a once unseeing eye seeing, a once imprisoned mind freed, an overcoming of chronic disease, a new way of life, a new way of thinking and a life raised from the dead: This was and remains the new him and the life that he came to lead, no thanks to him.

Risen is his story; but as he has lived, he has also learned that Risen is not his story alone. Risen is a story lived by others who came before him. Past history and Christianity are replete with stories of rescue, renewal and reward such as his. Risen is also a story yet to be lived by others who will come after him. Future history and Christianity will be replete with stories of rescue, renewal and reward such as his. The Bible tells us so. The nature of this world predestinates such. Risen is a true story about God and Jesus Christ and what God and Jesus Christ have done, are doing and will yet do for us—each and every one of us, no thanks to us.

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