announces 125 consumer diet pill reviews.

February 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
A simple web search for the tern ‘Diet Pill’ will return over 6 million results. The diet pill craze is sweeping America and it seems like just about each month we are bombarded with ads for a new diet pill or weight loss solution. Weight loss supplements are not cheap and unfortunately many people have wasted their money on a diet pill that doesn’t work for them. There are hundreds of diet pills, fat burners, and weight loss supplements available – most are over the counter, but there are also a growing number of prescription diet pills on the market. ( makes it easy for consumers to search for information about diet pills and read reviews that other users have posted. With this information, the reader has the ability to choose the right diet supplement for their particular needs.

Diet Pill Reviews provides product information for over 125 of the most popular over the counter, as well as, prescription diet pills. Visitors to the site can read product information for the most popular diet pills and even write their own product review for the diet pills. Reviews can be both positive and negative, but reviews are always honest and from actual users of the products. The reviewers have no affiliation with (, nor the diet pill companies, so you can expect candid reviews. A typical review consists of the reviewer’s name, a rating for the diet pill, and a brief description of the reviewer’s experience with the diet pill.

A representative from Diet Pill Reviews says, “Our goal is to educate people who are interested in trying a weight loss supplement. Our site cuts out the guess work about which diet pills really work. With over 125 over the most popular diet pills reviewed, a diet pill community has been built and this community is a place to share experiences with weight loss supplements”.

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