Online Art Marketplace expands reach beyond the browser with launch of an art gallery widget for the desktop

February 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
ANDERSON, SC (PR LEAP), February 13, 2006 –, the online marketplace for contemporary, fine art by independent artists, artisans, and fine art galleries draws international attention with the release of the free widget that displays fine art on users’ desktops. The new interactive, virtual tool blends artistic treasures fluidly into the user’s desktop without the constraints of traditional window borders.

“Within the first couple hours of the widget debuting on Yahoo’s site, we logged several thousand visitors from USA, Japan, Europe and Australia,” Conni Tögel said. “We thought this dynamic widget would be a fun way to experience real art, created by real artists. Clicking on an image will take users directly to that listing, so they can place a bid before somebody else does!”

The Art Widget displays a new piece of art represented on every 15 seconds. If a user wants to search for art, the widget enables a search direct from the widget search area. Discovering fine art has never been so easy.

To get started, users need the free Yahoo! Widget Engine 3.0 available at:

The art widget is available for free at the Yahoo! Widget Gallery for both PC and Apple computers: .

With over 3000 registered artists, creates a global bridge between nationally and internationally recognized artists, artisans, photographers, fine art galleries, architects, interior designers, and art collectors. can be reached at

Founded in March of 2004, is the online art marketplace that lists exclusively real art by real artists. ArtByUs, LLC created this site to offer a positive platform where art collectors can buy art of the highest quality, and know that whatever they purchase will be real art, by a real artist, and a real signature, and not a third-party reproduction or print. strives to create an atmosphere where both artists and art collectors can feel at home, knowing the site was founded with both support and respect for artists to have a professional venue to show and sell their work to discerning buyers.

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