OneLead Launches Nationwide: Prospecting for New Customers Will Never be the Same

February 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Wayne, NJ OneLead®, Inc. is a leading provider in On-Demand Adaptive ProspectingTM helping organizations create a superior customer acquisition process. OneLead’s solution is built on a proprietary artificial intelligence engine designed to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of every sales call. Our web-based solution starts with the sales (phone) call, finding the prospects to call most likely to spend time with a salesperson based on previous successes (current customers) and delivering each lead in a geographically desirable location. With no software to buy and no lists to purchase/update our pay as you go (.37 per lead) model offers an almost instant return on investment.

“OneLead® has successfully completed it’s second beta test phase and we are pleased with the results”, commented David Sieradzky, CEO of OneLead, Inc., “for over a year we have been developing our solution, refining our methodology until we had a product that significantly impacted our customer’s sales teams, and we are looking forward to a nationwide launch of on Feb, 16th, 2006”.

Since 2004, OneLead has engaged sales experts from different industries to discuss obstacles that there teams encountered when trying to acquire new customers. “We filed our first patent application in the second quarter of 2005 and hope to file 2 more by then end of 2006”, said Joseph Hudicka, President of OneLead, “Our solution is that unique that it is patentable both in technology and process, the reason that we were not able to launch earlier was due mostly to speed issues that have been addressed by the newest computer hardware available”.

According to Stan Pishmanov, VP of Software Development for OneLead, “We along with some of our partners hope to change the way salespeople cold-call new prospects, changing from gut feelings to statistical modeling, we expect to attract over 1000 new users by the end of 2006, and with our scalable systems we will deliver the data, performance and security to a wide range of customers throughout the United States.”

Added Leslie Buterin, Author of Secrets to Scheduling The Executive-Level Sales Call and President of Top Dog Consulting, “It is a pleasure to work with a company (OneLead) and see how fast they are able to implement to ideas. I am looking forward to seeing OneLead® change the way salespeople use technology to become much more effective and efficient, there is nothing currently like this product anywhere”.

About OneLead
OneLead, Inc. is a leading provider of Customer Acquisition (CA) solutions and applications to help organizations create superior sales forces. OneLead's CA applications offer rich functionality, a highly flexible Customer Application PlatformTM (CAP), a full application suite, and best-in-class customization abilities, all with a low total cost of ownership. OneLead delivers solutions and services that are designed to produce meaningful increases in revenues, sales activities and efficiencies while delivering measurable results and accountability.

OneLead’s Customer Acquisition PlatformTM includes a powerful application platform, Integrated Data Platform and Business Visibility Platform. For more information please visit

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