What Does it all Mean? Pointless Banter Launches Today!

February 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Oxnard, CA February. 15— Pointlessanter.net launched today, 02/15/2006. This website is a bloggers' collective, currently comprised of 20 of MySpace's top bloggers. Headed by Kevin Palmer (aka, MySpace's David "Freaking" Hasselhoff), Pointless Banter is the new name in the exploding bloggers' market. This site features writers from around the world, who cover everything from sports to sex to Hollywood’s ‘has-beens.’ Soft-launched less than a week ago, fans of these writers are already flocking to Pointless Banter (http://pointlessbanter.net) to get their daily dose of humor, politics, musings, and advice. And, because new blogs are added several times per day, the already growing list of devotees is coming back for seconds and thirds.

"This site features some of the most talented bloggists around," says Kevin Palmer, Founder of Pointlessbanter.net. "The aim here is to provide a place for our writers to post blogs without any restrictions on content that hinder many of today's biggest blog-sites. Our contributors are not only skilled, but passionate about writing and free expression." He added, ”The great thing about this site, too, is that we're just as passionate about our visitors; by allowing them to leave comments that are also unrestricted, everyone who peruses this site has an equal opportunity to voice their own opinion, provide feedback, give accolades, or even bash our writers…bring it on, the thin-skinned don’t walk among us; be ready, though, to hear back if your comment piques a writer’s interest."

"Where Pointless Banter excels is the issue of censorship," says Molly Murchison, Copy Writer and Contributing Bloggist for Pointless Banter. "Kevin wants this to be a no-holds-barred site, and encourages us to speak our mind without fear of retribution (from him, at least); he doesn't care if our readers' comments make us cry on the inside, as long as we keep a smile on our face and continue cranking out new pieces."

Pointless Banter is currently blogs-only, but will soon feature a store with Pointless Banter gear. By year's end, this site will be multi-media destination, with writing, pictures, film, and more.

About Pointless Banter

Pointlessbanter.net is the brainchild of Oxnard, California's Kevin Palmer. This site features all things pop culture (and beyond) from a plethora of talented writers. Pointless Banter offers visitors a chance to support (and tell off) writers via the Comments' feature. By the end of 2006, Pointless Banter hopes to feature a multi-media collective.

Pointless Banter, "where the pointless means something - what that something is, we're not yet quite sure." Visit Pointless Banter at http://pointlessbanter.net.