Graphic Design Competition – Labuan.Net Final Test

February 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
LABUAN.NET is conducting a final test for its graphic design competition website at 7Creation is expected to be opened for public testing from 15 Feb 2006 and be launched around 01 Mar 2006 if no major fault was found. founder Alvin Han said 7Creation is expected to attract around 50 unique visitors per day by the end of the final test, and subsequently 350 unique visitors per day by the end of the entire competition.

The competition will be subdivided into 3 seasons which consist of the qualifying, semi and final seasons. Each season will be given a different design theme to challenge. Designers that have won each season shall proceed to the next season. Top 3 winners in the final will be presented with awards and prizes.

With the availability of a self contented forum, feedback form and graphics comment page, 7Creation has further created an interactive environment for the participants, designers and visitors.

”7Creation is quite exciting,” Mr. Alvin Han said during the interview, “It is purposefully created for your pleasure. This is also a direct action to bring a different excitement to the Labuan community.”

Specifically, 7Creation said there will be no cost to join and compete in the competition. Top three winners will however be offered with awards and prizes. In addition, the good news is everyone can join, regardless of the participant’s nationality.

”We have a vision for 7Creation to be one of the special events in Labuan,” the volunteered committee Mr. Gary Wong said. “Hopefully the final test will be completed with success soon.”

Labuan.Net, first online at 2002 and with more than 1000 members from
around the world such as Brunei, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Australia,
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