The Spice Man Cometh – To Watford Market

February 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The Spice Souk opens for business in Watford Indoor Market selling an extensive range of whole and ground spices. The stall is the first of it's kind in the area and has been greeted with great enthusiasm by both home cooks and commercial chefs.

The stall also stocks authentic cookware and tableware sourced from various countries around the world. There is a true international flavour to the range including Tagines from Morocco, Balti dishes from India, and stockpots from Columbia. The objective with the cook & tableware is sell quality products at a reasonable price. We buy very low quantities of each product to retain an air of exclusivity.

We are bringing a touch of the exotic to Watford Market, I believe we have the most extensive range of spices available in the area. The sources for our products are truly global ranging from Canada to Australia whichever way you choose to travel around the world. Cooks are fed up with paying supermarket prices for spices. This is one area where the independent retailer can beat the supermarkets hands down on price and quality. said proprietor, Mick Carling.

There is a popular misconception that spices mean hot food that will blow your head off. The Spice Souk aims to explode that myth. The stall sells spices for baking (poppy and sesame seeds), desserts (cinnamon, ground ginger, vanilla pads), in addition to a huge range of spices for ethnic cooking from around the world.

The Spice Souk recipe mixes are proving particularly popular. The spices for exotic dishes such as Keralla Passion, Moroccan Lemon Chicken are proving best sellers. Each pack comes with a recipe and separate packets of spice to add at each stage of cooking.

Watford market is the perfect location for a retailer of this type. There is a well-established butcher, three fishmongers several fruit and vegetable stalls and a wide range of specialist food suppliers including olives, cheese, cold meats and organic dried fruits and nuts.

The Spice Souk is open for business on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday of each week or on the Internet at , seven days a week.