How To Transform a lonely Valentine's Day into an Ever Lasting Automatic Pay Day

February 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
St. Johns, Antigua & Barbuda February 15, 2006 — It's a fact revealed by the UK's Evening Telegraph: 48% of under-30s will be alone on February 14.

Why? Two-thirds of those asked said it was their work life that got in the way of true love. Some 67 per cent said their career took priority over finding a partner.

Even those in relationships shudder at the thought of Valentine's. Whether male or female it seems that what is supposed to be a day of giving, celebrating and loving turns out to be an ego crushing disaster.

For many men, the day symbolises a dreaded obligation; a test to see how what they say, do, or give expresses their love or romanticism. For woman, it's a time of anxiously analysing hidden messages and gestures.

Isn't it just ridiculous that on this one particular day, we place so much value on this or that gift and gesture? Then when all doesn't go to plan, which it often doesn't, then the relationship must be doomed.

Maybe there's a better way?

There does indeed appear to be. It's called private organised gifting. It's happening every day, in 16 countries and it's thousands of members are very wealthy and happy.

In fact, these members are part of a unique proven Wealth Creation system that only recently is becoming more widely known. For years its members were happy to keep the secret of their fortune largely to themselves. Who can blame them?

Now they are making this insider knowledge more available for the benefit of many. In fact, this proven system seems to enable anyone's success like:

Tom from Illinois who: "Was almost bankrupt before finding this. Now I'm at $9,500 for the week and it's only Wednesday. I'm looking at a record week for myself, and the best part is I work less at this than I ever have.”

…and Annette from Washington who was: "Desperately seeking something like this that could happen for me quick. I loved the fact that I didn't have to do any selling. Within 2 days of participating, I had $10,500 delivered to my door."

How are they able to enjoy such financial freedom…apparently so easily and quickly too?

They’re following a proven, simple 1-Up-To-Infinity cash flow system. In essence, this is based on the power of one: the individual. There are no Boards to fill, no Matrixes to split, stall or flip, and no Binary to balance.

It would appear that this 1-Up structure is superior to, and mathematically out-performs, any other similar program out there.

The system enables members to enjoy cash gifts ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars daily. "How much members receive is entirely up to them: they give willingly however much they want, then they receive as many times in return” says Caramia Hartley, a member of the program.

“All we’re doing is systematizing a basic Universal Law: that of Sowing and Reaping."

Just spend a few hours a day using the personal, tailored training and cutting-edge web hosting and tracking software provided, and watch the money roll in. "No question, this must be one of the simplest and most effective wealth creation systems available today,” says Hartley.

She also comments: "Please be aware that this is not a Get-Rich-Quick, Pyramid or Network Marketing scheme. There are no guarantees or promises of mega money. This business is easy, maybe easier than any other successful business I've ever seen, but members need to dedicate at least an hour a day to one key activity: Helping other people."

That's why the people who succeed with this program tend to be highly motivated and very people focused.

"Absolutely." Caramia agrees. "Help others first to help yourself. Then experience the joy of transforming the lives of others."

Perhaps Valentine's day has taught us something after all: commercialised loving and gifting does indeed have merit when the people involved know the score. Support them with state of the art technology and personalized coaching and every day becomes an automated pay day……


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