Free Book Gets Manufacturing Executives Heads Up On CRM Software.

February 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The CRM Coach announces the publication of a 34 page free ebook written specially for manufacturing executives and those who have been put in charge of implementing CRM. Available for immediate download.

According to Scott Gingrich, owner of The CRM Coach Institute, "The CRM Street Smarts for the Busy Executive gives executives the critical lay of the land of CRM and points them towards project success."

"With a 70% failure rate for CRM projects, this book is designed to give busy executives the project-saving information they need in a quick read format", explains Gingrich.

Manufacturers don't have the time or resources in today's competitive, lean environment to make mistakes with CRM or to become "well-read" in the right way to do a CRM project. When it comes time to authorizing the budget which usually represents a significant capital expenditure for small to medium sized businesses, these executives need a project-saving heads-up.

Gingrich explains that a major reason for CRM projects to fail is that Manufacturing Executives "don't know what they don't know when it comes to doing a CRM project and relying on their IT staff isn't the right approach."

Gingrich says he started The CRM Coach Institute because "There’s so much that companies can do to ensure the success of their project if they just knew." The CRM Street Smarts for the Busy Executive is designed to help companies on their CRM journey.

Gingrich’s message of helping small to medium sized businesses with CRM is being picked up by Industry web sites and attracting partners who want to carry the message of the The CRM Coach to their customers.

About The CRM Coach Institute

The preeminent, impartial provider of "CRM Street Smarts" for small business, The CRM Coach Institute offers low-cost, high-impact products and services designed to make the success and payoff of CRM projects more certain.