Media Event: Singles Valentines Mixer Using Computer Gadget

February 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Hermosa Beach, CA: OneKeyAway and the Broadway Bar in Downtown Los Angeles will host a special Valentine’s Mixer on Tuesday, February 14, 2006 from 6:45 to 10:00 p.m. The interactive singles mixer will be held Broadway Bar and is located at 830 Broadway in Los Angeles.

OneKeyAway events allow guests to interact freely with others in a pressure-free environment with an opportunity to quickly discover similarities - or dissimilarities - in one another's personalities. The event is

Part psychology, part technology, mixer events incorporate a hi-tech device, which measures one's personality compatibility with another person's. The device serves as both an icebreaker as well as an amazingly effective matchmaking tool. Unlike online dating services, OneKeyAway participants get to meet face-to-face and unlike the various speed dating service events, there is no obligation to speak to a certain person or one can choose to do so without time limits on conversation or other boundaries.

“This will be our first mixer at the Broadway Bar and we are very excited to do events at that facility.” says Edwin Duterte founder of OneKeyAway Mixers. “With the whole Downtown area changing into a more professional area with a good nightlife, we think this is a great opportunity for us to have events in the up and coming downtown area. We feel Broadway Bar has created a great atmosphere for the savvy, young professional who wants to meet other singles in a relaxed conversational environment. We feel that the location perfectly caters to the Los Angeles busy, singles lifestyle because it is conveniently nestled in an area where many singles are known to live in. The setting has a cool theater mezzanine ambiance with “lounge spots” to have private conversations. The “LA Cool Factor” of the bar was a significant decision factor as to why we chose to have our singles mixer at Broadway Bar.”

The MatchlinC gadgets were developed in the late 1990's and are the first of their kind. The MatchlinC has a microcomputer chip that uses a proprietary algorithm, whose design was corroborated by a group of university professors. The algorithm compares two guests' responses to a personality/lifestyle questionnaire and then gives them a rating of their compatibility.

The questionnaire assesses information that a person might not normally reveal to someone - at least not right away. The information is known only to the person holding the device, unless they choose to reveal it. This creates a pressure-free way to walk away from someone if the devices show they're not compatible or an opportunity to discuss what the rating might mean if they're interested in each other.

Wilhelmina Palaming, a long-time Long Beach resident and OneKeyAway’s Southern California host, said, “We have had over two dozen mixers through out the Los Angeles area and all being major successes. After each mixer, we received emails from guests saying they had a great time and took advantage of the opportunity to exchange contact information with other interesting singles. It was very common to have guests say that the gadgets were great ‘ice-breakers’ and it was very easy to approach someone they normally would not have approached. In addition to singles finding potential love interests, we saw our guests interact with other guests that developed into cordial friendships as well.”

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Organized in August 2003 and launched in January 2004, OneKeyAway Mixers set up a cool and hip atmosphere for professionals who want to meet other professional or different people with complementary personalities to their own in an interactive, unpressured, and face-to-face environment. OneKeyAway Mixers hosts mixer events in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, New York and Washington DC.

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