Hogan Assessment Systems Adds First-Of-A-Kind Innovative Videos To Web Site, Provides Insightful View Into The Career-Derailing Tendencies Its Assessment Identifies

February 15, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
TULSA, Okla. (Feb. 15, 2006) — Hogan Assessment Systems (HAS), the industry leader in personality-based employee selection and development tools, today announced it has added a unique series of videos to its Web site, www.HoganAssessments.com. The videos examine 11 career-derailing tendencies measured by the company’s Hogan Development Survey (HDS). In each video segment, actors demonstrate behaviors associated with a specific tendency and its impact on those around them, providing viewers with an insightful look into how personality characteristics can manifest themselves in everyday workplace situations. HAS is the first firm in the employee assessment industry to provide such a tool about career-derailing dispositions.

HAS’ online videos help demystify the testing process by showing how, in real-world situations, employees’ personality characteristics can impact subordinates, co-workers and the company’s business. In addition to comprehensive assessment and report information provided on HAS’ Web site, the videos add a “show and tell” element to further educate site visitors and help them realize the potential pitfalls that can be identified through the HDS.

“Through the videos, people can see — for the first time — how these dispositions come across in everyday work situations, and easily understand what personality characteristics the HDS assessment identifies,” said HAS managing director Rodney Warrenfeltz, Ph.D. “Having that information about your current employees is of great value to those who are involved in the employee development process.”

For example, visitors to the site can view a one-minute video on the behavioral tendency labeled “skeptical.” In the segment, an employee named John is called by his supervisor offering congratulations for being named one of three candidates considered for an upcoming promotion. Instead of accepting the congratulations, John immediately exhibits highly skeptical responses about the possible promotion, listing reasons why he will not be awarded it.

“People who rank high on the ‘skeptical’ scale go beyond a healthy degree of skepticism. This scenario shows the typical reaction of a person who scores high on the ‘skeptical’ scale,” explains Warrenfeltz. In this case, the pressure of being named a candidate for the big promotion to regional manager is putting stress on John, causing him to be cynical, negative and distrustful, even though his supervisor is offering positive reinforcement and is willing to help him by moving up John’s performance review. If, for example, John is not awarded the promotion, his skeptical behavior could lead to a continued negative attitude toward his job, causing a wealth of additional problems at work.”

To view all of the video segments, visit www.HoganAssessments.com, under “Products & Services,” select the “Inventories” section, click on “HDS” to read about the assessment, and then click on the “Watch an HDS Video” link at the right to view the video.

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