New AFuzion Paper "Improving Requirements for Safety-Critical & Avionics" Released

December 21, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Requirements are the foundation to good Systems, Software, and Hardware, particularly in the safety-critical and aviation development realm. AFuzion's latest paper is 14-pages packed with details to enable readers to develop better requirements, faster and more reliabily.

Says Jeff Stevenson, AFuzion's Business Manager: "When AFuzion was smaller, we did business with 30-40% of the world's avionics companies. But now the majority of them are AFuzion's clients and our technical papers are so widely distributed it only makes sense to make them fully available to all engineers worldwide. The key is Safety, combined with efficiency and quality, so we're adding a little year-end Holiday Cheer and making AFuzion's latest paper on 'Requirments' publicly available."

Adds Vance Hilderman, AFuzion's Chief Technical Office and the author of this paper: "System, Software, and Hardware requirements are truly the key to safety-critical project success. As we have taught 20,000 engineers in our AFuzion courses, Requirements development, management, and refinement are the true keys to project success. ARP4754 System requirements, DO-178C software requirements, and DO-254 hardware requirements development is both a science and an art. This paper describes how to build better systems faster and cheaper via Requirements. Few things in life, or in aviation, are simple. But that truism is. In our 130 Gap Analysis performed by AFuzion's engineer it is shocking how often Requirements represent one of the largest compliance gaps. Optimized DO-178C, DO-254 and ARP4754A compliance are based upon good Requirements"

This latest AFuzion paper is 14-pages filled with detailed information on creating, managing, refining, and validating requirements. Remember, verification means "does the implementation meet the requirements", whereas validation asks "and do we have the 'right' requirements". This AFuzion paper shows why Validation is more important than Verification because without the right requirements, it is largely irrelevant if they are then verified. Indeed.

AFuzion has created perhaps the world's largest library of technical whitepapers for safety-critical and aviation development, but certainly larger than all of AFuzion's competitors, combined. AFuzion's decade's old papers are still distributed by former employees (with the author's name accidentally removed and replaced), but all AFuzion's latest papers are freely available to clients. Anyone is allowed to download up to two papers for free, so no reason to refer to the decades-old versions passed around elsewhere.

For free Whitepaper download click here: AFuzion Requirements Paper Download

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