Digizip Partners with Precision Telecom Technologies to Improve Customer Service and Bottom Line

February 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Fairmont, WV: Digizip has partnered with Precision Telecom Technologies (PTT) in order to decrease costs, improve operational efficiencies and better support their clients. Under the agreement, Digizip has purchased the full suite of “Precise” modules from PTT. These include: PreciseOrders: Order/Workflow Management, PreciseBill: Telecom Billing, PreciseCRM: Customer Relationship Management, and PreciseChannelSupport: Distribution Channel Support.

“Since we’ve partnered with PTT, we’ve received some really great service. As a result, we’re able to streamline our processes and retain a small staff, while increasing our revenues. Precision’s service is comprehensive and wide reaching. It fills that ‘something’ that we were lacking before,” said Greg Schneider, co-founder and President of Digizip.

Digizip provides Voice, Data and Internet services to customers across the nation, with the help of Precision’s Billing, CRM and Channel Support systems. They offer easy end-to-end connectivity to all of their clients. Whether it’s a business just getting off the ground or a Fortune 500 company, Digizip emphasizes quality service at competitive, wholesale prices.

“Digizip has been a great fit. Our company philosophies are similar. We both strive to provide outstanding service at competitive prices. We provide Digizip with tools and support that enables them to meet their objectives. As a result, both PTT and Digizip are successful. One feature that they previously lacked was the ability to communicate and share information with their clients and sales channels. The PTT Agent and Customer Portals have provided this functionality. These portals are not add-ons or separate modules, but they are “built-in” to our comprehensive solution,” said PTT president Scott Trefz.

Russ Wilmarth, co-founder and CEO of Digizip stated, “The differences between PTT and our previous provider are like night and day. PTT has been extremely responsive and understands the challenges of our business. They always help with any issues that arise without ‘nickel and diming’ us.”

About Digizip
Founded in 1997, Digizip International Inc. pioneered simple, flat rate long-distance services coupled with excellent customer support. The company has grown to serve a nationwide customer base on both the retail and wholesale level. Through major initiatives, Digizip is developing a broad spectrum of communication products and services coupled with excellent customer support. The company's growing scope of services encompasses both residential and business solutions including: Voice, High-speed Internet, Transport and Enhanced Services. By focusing on customer satisfaction and leading-edge technologies, they are changing the way consumers think about their service providers.
Web Site: www.digizip.com Phone: (866) 375-8324

Precision Telecom Technologies (PTT) is a Telecommunications Software Company that provides leading edge, cost-effective back office solutions to the Telecommunications industry. PTT offers expertise to telecommunications providers in four foundational areas -1) Order/Workflow Management, 2) Customer Billing, 3) Customer Relationship Management, and 4) Distribution Channel Support. These modules are branded as the "Precise" suite of software solutions. The PTT core infrastructure helps telecom businesses support increased business volumes, serve and focus on the end user, better support and integrate with distribution channels, and reduce the overall technology costs of the organization. With its expertise, exceptional resources, flexible solutions, and personalized support, PTT provides unmatched value to their clients.

Website: www.precisiontele.com; Contact: Scott Trefz 304-333-2213