Award-winning Company Barcelona Designs Undergoes Renovation To Showcase New Modern Furniture Catalogue

July 25, 2019 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
TORONTO, Ontario - Mid-century modern retailer Barcelona Designs recently underwent a website redesign and a catalogue update to showcase their new approach to modern furniture creation and development. The company has been selling a wide array of modern and contemporary furnishings since 2005, and is mostly known for their line of mid-century modern replicas.

Their new website has a more refined and minimalist look, and is highly responsive and easy to navigate. This new approach will help mid-century modern enthusiasts to locate and purchase the items that they desire in a much more confident and secure manner. Barcelona Designs customary quality and 2-year warranty stays, ensuring that every replica that leaves their warehouse gets to their owner's possession in a controlled and safe environment that will benefit thousands of customers in both the US and Canada.

In keeping with the performance of their latest best-sellers, including an award-winning replica of the Eames Lounge chair and other key icons of the era, such as the Barcelona chair and the Noguchi table, Barcelona Designs has put together a beautiful landing page detailing the benefits of owning their crown jewel (the aforementioned lounge chair), and an updated catalogue of their most recent best-sellers. Aside from the ones already mentioned here, mid-century modern enthusiasts will be thrilled to find other jewels like their collection of Eames office chair replicas, and a sizeable (and true-to-design) reproduction of the world-famous Womb chair and ottoman, the closest follower to the Eames Lounge chair replica in sales.

The new website also allows users to create a personal account to track previous purchases and secure new discounts and promotions for future, furniture-related endeavors. Along with Barcelona Design's successful run on the Houzz interior design portal, this new website is bound to create a very fruitful experience for customers that have an interest on creating modern, flexible, and timeless spaces inside their homes. The four main categories remain: Bedroom, Dining, Workspace, and Outdoor furniture reign supreme, but the respective catalogues for living room furniture and lighting are also still available.

The living room furniture section now includes a lot more decorative choices than it did in the previous website. Customers will be able to enjoy a wide variety of cushioning choices, for example, to spruce up their couches and other living room furnishings. More Queen and King bed sizes were added to the new bedroom section, represented in newer, sleeker bed models that stay true to Barcelona Designs' signature take on the Scandinavian style of furniture, as well as some of the older popular beddings. The Dining section now includes a wider selection of flexible, small-sized items like modern counter stools, in keeping with the latest modern furniture trends that emphasize aesthetics over size. Their lighting choices remain almost unchanged, but new customers can still find the company's best-selling Arco Lamp replica within the catalog. This replica, in particular, has a Carrara marble base that rivals the original design not only in weight but also in quality, and is designed following all of the small details that mid-century modern enthusiasts know and love about the original design.

By far, the most updated part of the catalogue is the outdoor furniture section. Barcelona Designs seems to be doing away with many of their previous 'modern' choices, now favoring a more minimalist and clear-colored approach to outdoor furniture. Their Marina collection is now the centerpiece of their selection, featuring a wide array of comfortable teak items including armchairs, outdoor beds, dining chairs, and much more.

Barcelona Designs also seized this new beginning to update many of their customer service strategies, numbers, and benefits. Users who create accounts on the site will benefit from a revamped, and more responsive customer service platform that will allow them to get what they want, when they need it, and at the right price.

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