Donnie Light novel "Dark Justice" now available

February 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Donnie Light's first novel, Dark Justice starts out in 1806, when America's slave trade was reaching its peak. With the slaves came their beliefs, customs, and religions.
This is the story of a slave named Tobias. Brought here from Africa as a young boy, he learned to live with the white man's ways, but never adopted them.
After seeing his wife brutally murdered and his children given away to another plantation, Tobias sought revenge on the man who was responsible.
Escaping his captors, he traveled between slave camps in search of a Kuarr Muon, a high priest of his native religion. After finding such a man, a strangely beautiful, yet horrifying ceremony takes place. The Gods would grant Tobias his revenge for a price.
Tobias accepts his fate, and begins a journey that will make his trek a local legend for years to come. After fulfilling his duty to the Gods, Tobias is granted his revenge and unleashes a marvelous fury upon his former Master. This fury was known to native Africans as "The Eater of Hearts."
Almost two-hundred years later, the "Eater of Hearts" is accidentally called forth again. This time its target is an innocent man, Galen Morris. In a seemingly hopeless struggle to understand and overcome his pursuer, Galen embarks on a cross-country chase in search of help. What he finds are death, lies, and the love of his life.