Can a Cup of Coffee Reveal Leadership and Business Secrets?

February 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
We can learn much from a cup of coffee. The cup of coffee one enjoys will take on a different taste based on the type of cup used, the weather, and if one is driving or sipping it while reading the morning newspaper. These factors and dozens more add to our experience of drinking a cup of Joe. Best-Selling Business author Stan Toler uses a cup of coffee to teach personal success secrets in his latest book The Secret Blend published by WaterBrook.

Coffee should just taste like coffee, but there was a terrific flavor to Mac’s House Blend. He remembered that morning…sipping from the paper cup, and discovering that he liked the taste very much. It had reminded him of some other taste, something his mother use to make. What did that coffee taste like? (Excerpt from The Secre Blend)

The Secret Blend by Stan Toler reveals a parable all will appreciate. Toler tells the story of a man discovering some surprising truths in a most unexpected place: a coffee shop. Fascinating insights about the dark, aromatic brew begin to hit home, and he gains a taste of the true definition of wealth and abundance.

Dr. John Maxwell, in the forward shares his insights into The Secret Blend, “So when Stan puts on paper an absolutely entertaining story to teach us how to become truly rich, you need to understand that he knows what he write about…If the quality of our relationships is the most accurate measure of our wealth, Stan Toler truly is a fabulously rich man. If you follow the simple but profound wisdom of this book, you too, will become wealthy beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

In The Secret Blend readers will experience fresh insights regarding the real measure of wealth. Readers will realize wealth is not material possessions and personal achievement, but in the quality of relationships.

Stan Toler has written more than 60 books including: The Winning Dad, the Minute Motivator series, and God’s Never Failed Me (But He’s Sure Scared Me To Death A Few Times). The Secret Blend is available in bookstores or order online at