New Way To Post Pixel Ads Explode Onto the Seen

February 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Pixel advertising has been taken to a new level. The recent launching of
has begun to bring pixel ad buyers and sellers together from one place. This new Pixel Ad submission service
allows pixel advertisers to submit their ad to Pixel Ad webmasters all over the Internet
wth one simple submission.

"Pixel Advertisers benefit in many ways." comments Pixel AD Submitter's
webmaster, Greg Lewis. "The time advertisers save using this service, can be
spent more efficiently on other parts of their business. With one low submission price,
advertisers can also maximize their advertising dollar."

Just two days after launching on February 10th 2006, the first paid advertiser was signed
up and has received over 50 hits since their submission. As more pixel ad publishing sites are signed
up, the hit count will continue to improve for this lucky advertiser.

This pixel submission service not only benefits the advertiser but pixel ad site publisher as well.

Pixel Ad webmasters can now leverage their free or idle pixel space into additional
revenue. Pixel Ad Submitter is sharing 60% of the revenue generated by advertisers
with pixel ad site publishers. This revenue is then placed into the "Publisher's Pool"
to be distributed at the end of the month.

Whenever a pixel ad on a publisher's site is clicked. it is registered
at Pixel Ad Submitter. These clicks are metered over the course of the month. This is
important because the percentage of the "Publisher's Pool" publishers earn, is based on their
percentage of clicks their generate within the same month.

It also creates stealth advertising within the pixel ad publisher's site. By putting these Pixel Ad
on their site, it embeds an additional revenue stream within the pixel grid itself. There are no
intrusive pop up advertisments or obvious ads to get into the way of their business, selling their pixel ads.

These additonal pixel ads on a publisher's website also create a "BUZZ" whenever their site
is visited. Greg Lewis explains, "When I come across a Pixel Ad website that has few ads,
it makes me think that the site has little or no traffic. However, when I go to one that is full of
ads, I feel like I am at a site the has high traffic and a better investment."

Greg invites you to visit diferent pixel ad websites and do a test. Once you have arrived at the
site, ask yourself what your initial reaction of the site is. He believes you will have a more favorable
opinion of the site that has more ads.

Pixel Ad Submission, similar to Search Engine Submission, will become very popular as this pixel advertising
industry matures. Helping both advertisers and publishers alike.