A novel entitled: GLOBAL DAWN To be published: Spring 2006, Pendium Publishing House.

February 21, 2006   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) This is a story wrapped in alchemy and mysticism according to ancient Biblical and Mayan prophecies. Seeded among Israel’s bohemian fringe of artists and visionaries, the Global Dawn project reaches its breathtaking climax on the mystical soil of Jerusalem. Savagely challenging Reuven’s every step is the stern reality of daily life in economically and politically stricken modern-day Israel.
Reuven wants to raise the planetary awareness of the global community by exposure to a universal data resource. The idea echoes NASA’s Digital Earth project featured in a dedicated Foreword by Dr. Timothy Foresman, a pioneer of the Digital Earth community (formerly of NASA US EPA and UNEP).
'A fantastic tale’ interspersed by ‘a good helping of myth and magic’. Golgonooza Expert Review.
Deborah Gelbard, is a London University honours graduate in literature. She has lived and worked in England, France, Belgium, Spain and Israel, and is an accomplished writer of literary essays and short stories. Her professional experience spans commercial diplomacy, consultancy and marketing writing for the hi-tech industry.
For further information, please visit: http://www.webhaven.co.il/globaldawn.html
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