Natalia Nazarova Releases Lipstick & Gun CD

February 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Silver Spring, Maryland—The multi-talented Natalia Nazarova has returned to the public eye in the world of music with a new CD titled Lipstick & Gun, set for release in the spring. With an effective combination of electronica, dance, and rock, the recording is bound to pull in a large cross section of music listeners stretching from Paris to Los Angeles.

Certainly, this energetic music is ideal for those that frequent nightclubs with popular DJs in place that have a good sense of what sounds will keep people dancing all night. No doubt once the album begins to circulate in the spring, popular nightspots will be frequently spinning tracks from Lipstick & Gun.

The tracks will paint pictures in your mind and create atmospheres found on the big screen. With descriptive titles such as “Lipstick & Gun,” “At The Matinee,” and “Love and Loyalty,” Natalia finds herself traversing an eclectic base of genres from dance beats, the mystery and suspense of spy soundtracks, to the heat and pensiveness of a burning Middle Eastern sun.

Natalia’s vocals are very expressive and emotional, as with anything she does, her heart and soul goes into it, whether it is in the recording studio or in front of camera. This amazing talent can no longer be the entertainment industries best kept secret, with this new album international acclaim is right around the corner.

Prior to the imminent release of Lipstick & Gun, Natalia Nazarova is credited with the leading role in the film Postmark Paradise and the jazz album Listen With Your Heart. This is yet one more credit to her ever-growing resume that is getting more diverse and impressive with each passing year.

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