CellKeeper™, the new eye-popping combination cell phone, ipod, wallet carrying case: To launch within the fashion and accessory market on Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

February 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Chicago, IL - February 20, 2006 - CellKeeper™, at the forefront of modern fashion accessories, has announced its latest product launch for Tuesday, February 21, 2006.

The CellKeeper™ Company brand has developed a collection of versatile accessories to meet the heavy demand of modern mobile communications and technology markets. Combining the necessities of an active lifestyle - cell phone, ipod, wallet, keys - into one accessory while adding fashion to the function sets CellKeeper™ apart. The CellKeeper™ product line has stepped into the fashion fore front with an assortment of styles that cater to all demographics.

Through the collaborations with CellKeeper™ development and design, while launching the CellKeeper™ collection, Release PR has built a brand building campaign- to be implemented in a multi-stage process. With an objective to grow the brand and demand for the product within its multi-demographical markets within a tiered process.

CellKeeper™ will focus distribution in nationwide metropolitan cities and the outdoor lifestyle. Release has incorporated both annual fashion industry events, and technology industry events to co-launch the collection. Within other levels of the launch, CellKeeper™ will meet the hands of various celebrities for possible endorsement and meet the makers of the various products that may be placed inside of the CellKeeper™. Release has placed an emphasis on the technology base items that the CellKeeper™ will accommodate - cellular telephones, digital cameras, portable digital music players and handheld communications devices.

In upcoming seasons, CellKeeper™ will continue to accommodate the needs of the active lifestyle with a mix of weather durable fabrications and technical functionality. Additional luxury fabrications at mid-tier price point will offer the consumer an elite lifestyle within financial reasonability. As wearable mobile technology evolves, CellKeeper™ strives to provide multi-use technical design thus relieving the consumer of dated styling.

Already, the array of CellKeeper™ styles has sparked the interest of many established national retailers and regional sales representatives in the fashion industry. With eager sales representation spanning from the Northwest to the Southeast, the launching of the newest cell phone and Ipod carrying case, will quickly be featured at a store near you. From sporting good stores, specialty retailers and trendy boutiques, be on the lookout for the latest in “must have” fashion.

The CellKeeper™ will be available through regional representatives and further in mid-higher end retailers nation-wide. For details, you may visit w w w . c e l l k e e p e r . c o m .

For West Coast sales, contact Road Warriors, phone 714.343.4506 or fax 949.713.1417.

For Rockies Region, contact David Poletti, phone 303.921.9163 or fax 303.362.0537.

About CellKeeper
A Chicago based company; The CellKeeper™ Company has developed an accessory collection that feeds the needs of active contemporary folks on the go.

Since its conception, it has revolutionized the convenience of modern technology carrying. Founder, Worth Brown and The CellKeeper™ Company Design Director, Clare Hefferren, developed a collection with various eye-popping designs and functionality. As the tagline states, CellKeeper™, "keeping pace with wearable technology", handles all out-the-door needs. Never again forget your cellphone, wallet and keys as your CellKeeper™ has you covered.

Setting itself apart from waistband clip models, CellKeeper™ styles offer an adjustable cross-chest shoulder strap and bicep armband options. In designing the line, Clare has expressed that "good design, fashion, and functionality work together". The product assortment features a variety of classic and trend fabrications - feather corduroy, faux crocodile pvc, cotton herringbone, neoprene, metallic pvc. The line offers 9 styles in 26 colorways. Certainly there's something for you. And as a "co-ed" shopping experience, CellKeeper™ allows its clientele - both men and women - to escape the fashion faux pas of the fanny pack. CellKeeper™ is committed to showcasing unique and wearable items for men and women and design their collections with attention to fashion, fit and timeless style.

For more information, phone 310.857.6970 or visit the website at
w w w . c e l l k e e p e r . c o m .

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