: a Consumer Protection Group helping people in their Automobile Purchases, Featuring Dealership Reviews

February 20, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Featuring a database with over 40,000 dealerships, helps customers purchase a car by providing awareness, and avoiding hassle. is a unique consumer advocacy organization that offers the public the opportunity to write testimonials about their automobile purchases.

A car purchase is the second largest expense for most consumers and is regarded as one of the most challenging sales experience’s you will encounter. Time after time, dealers take charge of the transaction and often create an intimidating atmosphere for the purchaser.

Buying a second hand car is almost always a difficult experience and surprises frequently occur. In order for a sale to go smoothly, the majority of buyers rely solely on dealerships expertise. Unfortunately, not every dealer on the market is honest with their customers. For this reason, having a third-party testimonial and knowing a dealer’s reputation is crucial to purchasing a car.

“You spend days, weeks and even months researching which car is right for you and your hard earned dollars. Why not spend a few extra minutes to find the right dealer for you and your family?” Chris Contessa says.

Chris is the founder of, the first consumer guide of dealerships on the internet. He has created a community for consumers to share their positive or negative experiences with different dealerships. This is done with unbiased, real world reviews written by visitors and a unique discussion forum in which people interact and can express their opinion in real time.

“ wants to be a community for the average consumer to finally level the dealership playing field and make sure that dealers are doing their jobs and helping customers” he added.

For more information on dealerships and the first Omni comprehensive customer guide on dealerships, visit the website: .