The Poker Refer a Friend Program is dying

February 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
There is an untapped market in the Online Poker Industry and if most poker players knew about it they would think twice before playing at their favorite card room and quickly switch to another! Switching would merely mean using the same network of players but switching to different graphics. You can still play with your same friends, on the same tables, but you can be earning a lot more money automatically on hands you are not even playing!

Online poker rooms provide two methods for referring new customers; refer a friend and affiliate programs. Refer a Friend programs pay a one time commission for referring a new customer which is a tad unfair when compared to the affiliate program commission structure. Affiliate programs are far more lucrative, and earn you a residual commission for life for anyone you refer. Commissions are earned by receiving a percentage of the rake, or the money the poker room holds on each pot. This means anytime one of your referrals put their chips into the pot, you make money. As long as they continue to play poker, you make money. It could even be 5 years from now!

Jason Tarter, President of Parsed Poker News (
states “we must stop all online poker players from using the refer a friend program, and switch to the affiliate program. If everyone works together, we can create a large network of commissions running through the affiliate program instead. This could equate to millions of dollars back to players annually. The players need to look at the networks, and work together to gain as much as they can from it.”

The problem is the majority of poker players do not have a website or any means to refer new people to poker rooms effectively. To combat this problem, we launched ‘The Poker Viral E book’ to help poker players refer new customers to online poker rooms without a website. We wanted to get as many players into the system as possible, so there is no cost to participating, and a lot of support and guidance!

The Viral Electronic Book is a very simple tool for referring new customers using the strongest type of marketing known; word of mouth. The e-book includes two free bonuses, which are quite valuable to any new or old poker player.

Parsed Poker News is launching this E-book campaign to showcase awareness to all Poker Players that you don’t need to play poker to make money from poker. Put you self in the right seat at the table, the dealers seat.