"Supercomputing on your Desktop by NetAlter"

February 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The hard fact is that no matter how fast the personal computer is, there is a limit on how fast applications will perform using the power of a single computer.

Be it the latest Word Processor or the ultra realistic flight simulator. Whenever a new version is released, one has to compulsorily upgrade their computer to increase the speed and performance of the application.

What if?… that somehow a Desktop Computer performed like a Supercomputer?

NetAlter aims to turn this wish into reality by implementing a democratic supercomputing GRID model for personal use.

Basically, what this means is that when NetAlter is installed on a desktop PC, it gets the capability to deliver supercomputer level processing speed for day to day applications.

NetAlter which is based on a patent pending "Information, Communication and Computational" (ICC) technology will provide users with the option to share their local resources on the NetAlter GRID and in return receive a proportionate amount of supercomputing power from the GRID to run their NetAlter based applications.

When the user wants to make use of NetAlter GRID for supercomputing and wants to process their application on 10 computers, the user can make use of the 10 hours credited to their account to avail of 1 hour of NetAlter GRID supercomputing resources equivalent to the power of 10 computers. If the user wants the application to be distributed over 20 computers, the NetAlter GRID will provide equivalent supercomputing resources of 30 minutes.

This will be provided free of cost. However, if the user does not have any usage hours credited to their account, then they can purchase the same from the NetAlter GRID for a fee.

When a user runs a search query or a NetAlter based application, the processing task is distributed over the supercomputing GRID and thus executed at blazing speeds.

Unlike the present supercomputing GRID model (which is a one way street utilizing the free processing power of your PC to run scientific applications such as SETI), the sharing of the GRID in NetAlter is a two way process and the technology works seamlessly without the user having to learn how to setup a supercomputer or the functions of this technology.

The NetAlter GRID will be available FREE of cost to the user based on a democratic shared model where the user gets as much processing power as they are willing to share.

Once this feature is activated on the user's personal computer, NetAlter will distribute the processing tasks of the local computer on this supercomputing GRID and thus execute the application faster.


NetAlter at the moment is a patent pending System and Method. NetAlter Software Limited is in the process of developing the software framework and the browser application which will implement this system and method.

However, much of the modular software development will be done by independent developers, who will be provided the license to apply the system and method for their applications to run on the NetAlter Software Framework, using the browser application container.

We would like to invite the developer community to join us, in delivering the goals that we have set out, for providing supercomputing power to the desktop.

Supercomputing GRID is just one of the solutions on offer by NetAlter. There are many more exciting features that NetAlter will deliver. To learn more about NetAlter, visit www.netalter.com

There is a discussion going on about NetAlter at http://www.netalter.com/discussion/