DarkSpace v1.484 enters Open Beta testing

February 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
DarkSpace is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game that combines tactical ship to ship combat with strategy in a team orientated game. Players gain rank and prestige, which expands the ships they can command and the strategic decisions they make.

Key changes to version 1.484 include a completely revamped ship upgrade system, aimed at making the game much more accessible to new players, and a streamlined resource management system. The focus of this update is to put more emphasis on the fun combat action as opposed to the unduly complex micro-management of previous versions. We have also added some improved server profiling code that will enable us to track and reduce any server stability issues, making a better overall gameplay experience for everyone.

The current release version of DarkSpace is available for download from the website at http://www.darkspace.net. DarkSpace features a limited access demo account, which enables all members to play for free without requiring a subscription or card payment details, in addition to our 14-day subcription trial, which allows access to all of the games features and resources.

The DarkSpace Staff look forward to seeing many new faces in the Community.

Visit us at http://www.darkspace.net.

DarkSpace screenshot gallery: http://www.darkspace.net/index.htm?lang=en&sid=&module=shots.php

Drafell Moraxi, DarkSpace Community Liason.