A British Entrepreneur Has His Sights Set On Netting One Million Dollars With One Million Names

February 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
February 22, 2006 — Paul Nichol is hoping to follow in the footsteps of British student Alex Tew and his now famous Million Dollar Homepage to become a millionaire himself with is very own idea of making one million dollars with his website The Million Names Project.com. Unlike Alex Tew’s idea of selling one million pixels, Paul has came up with an unique idea of asking for people and companies to add their name to the homepage of his website for just one dollar.

Even though he is currently in full time employment, he had been thinking of ideas on how to make a little extra money for himself but some of his ideas either never worked out or were just far too ambitious. He was about to give up trying to conjure up a successful idea to make some money but then he heard and read about Alex Tew’s brilliant idea and success of his simple idea of selling one million pixels. This gave Paul inspiration and got him thinking again of how to make that extra money he always wanted.

Paul could have easily copied Alex Tew’s idea and jumped on the band wagon craze of selling pixels for advertising space but as there are thousands of pixel sale websites around it just wouldn’t have been worth it. He wanted something unique that no one had ever done before and so he came up with the idea of The Million Names Project.

The idea is to have one million names on the homepage of his website that are linked to other websites. Visitors to his website can then click on a name and be directed to that person’s website. Anyone with a website can add their name for just one dollar. It’s a very simple way of online advertising for businesses and websites

So far there are 32 names on the homepage which has netted him just 32 dollars but as visitors grow and more people hear about the site, no doubt more names will be added and he will progress towards his target of one million names on his homepage and one million dollars in the bank.

You can view Paul’s website by visiting www.millionnamesproject.com