Inventor Receives Patent, Begins Marketing Product to Relieve Pain and Improve Posture

February 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Ada, Mich. —After suffering with a stiff neck, back and shoulder pain, Christopher Geisert invented a device that eliminated those problems for him and is now making it available to millions who suffer the same type of pain and poor posture.

Millions of people suffer from head aches, a stiff neck, shoulder pain, muscle aches and pain, and back pain along with osteoporosis and posture problems. Posture Pal™, Geisert’s patented invention, is inexpensive, easy to use, and it works quickly to relieve pain.

Geisert, 31, went to physical therapy in an effort to alleviate his stiff neck, back, muscle tension, and shoulder pain. Therapy, stretches, and exercises were not enough, so he created Posture Pal, which not only eliminated his pain, it also helped to improve his posture. Now he has made it available to help others.

“Over 50 percent of all common aches and pains above the chest are related to poor posture,” explained Geisert. “Aches and pains in the upper torso, neck and shoulders, headaches, pinching pain in front of shoulders, and a sharp pain in the ribs, spine, or back are all common symptoms of bad posture.”

Millions of people sit hunched over a computer, or at an assembly line all day. They often take pain pills on a regular basis because of the constant pain. Geisert says those problems can often be eliminated with Posture Pal.

“Just place the Posture Pal on your bed, couch, or floor and lay down on it. Just relax or implement an exercise regimen to use on Posture Pal. The Posture Pal is designed to do the rest. It takes only between 5 and 20 minutes a day,” said Geisert.

The first retailer of Posture Pal is Allegro Medical ( Negotiations with other distributors and retailers are under way.

Posture Pal has been issued patent number 6,902,537. Additional information about the product can be found on the web at

Chris Geisert