Hamilton Sundstrand’s Applied Instrument Technologies Introduces a Rackmount, Multi-Channel Process FTNIR

February 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
February 26, 2002 – Hamilton Sundstrand’s Applied Instrument Technologies business unit announced today the introduction of the new Analect Diamond MX, offering multiple sample process measurements from a single instrument. Using the Diamond 20 FTNIR bench, this economical system packaged in a standard 19” rack, uses fiber coupled sampling devices from an integrated mux, which switches the entire beam over nine channels. The Diamond MX compliments our Analect Diamond 20 laboratory analyzer and on-line PCM series.

Sampling options can include a variety of fiberoptic-coupled probes and cells for transmission or diffuse reflectance allowing for the measurement of liquids, solids, pellets and powders in seconds. Fiber optic sampling also allows the Diamond MX to be placed in any general-purpose area remote from the sample locations.

The Diamond MX uses the powerful PC 80 process operating system used in the Analect PCM series of on-line FTIR and FTNIR analyzers. Designed for use by engineers, maintenance personnel and chemists, PC 80 is installed in over 500 process on-line systems worldwide. Like the PCM series, the Diamond MX can be operated remotely using pcAnywhere™. The user can apply a variety of quantitative analysis routines including CPSA-Constrained Principal Component Spectral Analysis, Matlab® and Pirouette®.

The Diamond MX represents another new product from Applied Instrument Technologies that meets today’s stringent requirements for lower cost analyzers providing more and faster analysis, operable by lower level technicians with high uptime and few maintenance events.

Applied Instrument Technologies is part of Hamilton Sundstrand’s Sensor systems that is certified to ISO 9001. Applied Instrument Technologies has over twenty-five year’s experience in manufacturing rugged and reliable process analyzers with an installed base of over 2,500 systems worldwide.