Hamilton Sundstrand’s Applied Instrument Technologies Introduces the Raman RPM 785™ Process Analyzer

February 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Hamilton Sundstrandís Applied Instrument Technologies Introduces the new Raman RPM 785 process analyzer offering simultaneous multi-point monitoring of solids and liquids for raw material QC/QA, on-line/at-line process monitoring, lab and pilot scale reaction monitoring and final product inspection applications. Unique to the RPM 785 is continuous automatic frequency scale correction providing permanent calibration.

The RPM 785 operates under the PC 80 process software used in over 500 Analect on-line FTIR and FTNIR process analyzers worldwide and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance is available for FDA GMP required applications. CPSA 32, Matlab® and Pirouette® chemometric tools are also available.

The RPM 785 is a process Raman system packaged for on-line and in-line applications in hazardous areas. It provides rapid, accurate and stable monitoring of physical properties and chemical composition of liquids, such as emulsions and slurries and solids with a greater sampling ease than many other technologies. These features position the RPM 785 as an important measurement tool for the polymer, pharmaceutical, chemical and food and beverage industries.

The RPM 785 is a multi-channel CCD based analyzer and operates under the PC80 process software used in the Analect on-line FTIR and FTNIR process analyzers. With PC80, the RPM 785 can monitor your process 24/7 in an unattended hazardous area environment. With power and flexibility unmatched in any process analytical monitoring software, PC80 provides the ability to implement a wide variety of calibration tools and programming flexibility. And PC80 is validated to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 and on-line validation methods can be implemented such as ASTM D6122.