Doron’s 550LE Driving Simulator To Train Newark City Police Officers

February 26, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Politics News
Doron Precision Systems, Inc. announced today the delivery, installation of a one-place 550LE driving simulation system to the City of Newark’s Police Department, New Jersey. The department plans to use driving simulation in conjunction with firearms training at its Firearms Training Facility.

Police Director Anthony Ambrose called the driving simulator, “An extremely beneficial and potentially life-saving training tool that provides a realistic training field in a risk-free environment. Our officers routinely travel through dense traffic en route to emergencies and this proactive training measure should reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.”

The City of Newark Police Office plans to include the simulator in a comprehensive training program for enhancing the driving skills of police officers. The 550LE provides a safe, lifelike driving environment for training on high-speed pursuits, on departmental policy and on avoiding collisions.

"Our recruits and officers obviously cannot practice high-speed chases on the streets of Newark. Yet sadly, they do happen, and our officers must train for them. By making use of modern technology, Newark's finest will be able to simulate and train for these incidents." Mayor (City of Newark) Sharpe James said in a statement.

The 550LE is the latest in the LE series that marks Doron’s continuous commitment towards helping law enforcement agencies train officers for on-duty driving. Trainees experience actual driving situations through greater realism in graphics and increased levels of detail in the driving environment.

Multiple 550LE units can be linked to create multi-officer and co-ordinated emergency response training. Also included with the 550LE are training applications for evaluating officers’ reactions to changing conditions and for evaluating driving performance. To date, Doron has delivered more than 100 police driving simulators to a multitude of law enforcement agencies.

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