‘Applewood Acres Gardening’ Launches Competitive Business Group- “Applewood Property Management”

March 13, 2006   Lifestyle News
(PRLEAP.COM) ‘Applewood Acres Gardening’ Launches Competitive Business Group- “Applewood Property Management”

Toronto, CANADA- Richard Brzakala, Owner of Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping announced his company’s intention to increase their service presence to include service offerings in property management, repair and renovations area for both residential and commercial clients in and around the western GTA and Mississauga areas.

Applewood Property Management (“APM”) will focus primarily on residential and commercial building and property repairs and minor renovation projects. Professional service repairs will be expanded to all general contracting areas and ‘handy-man services in such areas as plumbing, carpentry, electrical, mechanical, masonry and painting. Repair services and general interior contracting projects less then fifty thousand dollars in project value will also be included as part of the suite of project services APM will offer”, says Brzakala.

“Many of our residential clients, as well as commercial clients, prefer to deal with us because we are reputable and trustworthy. Our clients know that they can rely on our ‘handy-man services” and on us and that we will be there for them when they need us”, says Brzakala.

“Work ethic is important to us, but so is pricing the work. In fact pricing has a lot to do with it as well”, says Brzakala. “Many times the fees we quote and the hourly rates we charge for ‘handy-man’ work in Mississauga and small interior renovation projects are well below what clients would pay other trades-people” says Brzakala.

“We don’t charge clients for estimates, or for showing up,” says Brzakala. “Clients appreciate our honesty and advise when they want something done. Many times, they want something quick and simple, uncomplicated and timely. That is why they turn to Applewood Property Management”, says Brzakala.

“Applewood Property Management offers many different ‘handy-man’ service specials and packages, and can bundle our landscaping services to our property management packages, says Brzakala. For anyone interested in learning more about Applewood Property Management, visit their website at www.applewoodacres.org for more information.

About Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping

Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping (“Applewood”) is the parent company of Applewood Stoneworks and Applewood Property Management. Located in Mississauga, Ontario,’Applewood’ is comprised of professionals with over twenty years of experience focusing primarily on residential and small to medium sized commercial corporate projects offering property management, residential and commercial repair services and a full suite of landscaping, lane care and organic gardening services. Applewood is a privately owned company, that has in the past offered generous financial assistance and support to a number of environmentally conscious organizations and socially responsible charitable organizations. Most recently Applewood has contributed financial assistance to the International Red Cross for Tsunami Relief as well as contributed to the Katrina Hurricane Relief Fund. Applewood has volunteered and donated its services and workers on site projects for Habitat For Humanity as well as local community organizations and schools. Visit our website at www.applewoodacres.org for more information and to read about our environmental policy.
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