MashUp Mobile does WAP with Full Song Downloads

March 15, 2006   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) MashUp Mobile does WAP [Full Song Downloads]

There is no dispute that the digital age has taken over giving the fact that Media Play retail stores have closed across America and iTunes is now available in 21 different countries. This exponential growth has led to some extraordinary developments and services that are now readily available. Following along with the recent advances in mobile technology, MashUp Mobile has launched full length music downloads over the weekend. MashUp Mobile is known for bringing awareness to the ever growing musical niche of Mash-Ups. Now they have “mashed” the two services together with

CEO of MashUp Mobile, Chad Brazelton had this to say about the new service, “When we first began audio and video podcasting we never expected the overwhelming response that we received. We did it because it was a unique way to express our talents; because that’s what we look for. And that’s what we found with our WAP project. We tried out a couple different companies but never fully accomplished what we set out to do. So, we faced the inevitable. In order to do it right we would have to do it ourselves. We put out a few ads over the weekend and took care of our SEO’s. I’ll say this, so far, I’m happy.”

According to the ifpi Digital Music Report, “420 million single tracks were downloaded in 2005 globally – more than double the number downloaded in 2004 (156 million)”. This, in combination with the mobile phone becoming a portable music devise, has sent consumers everywhere wanting and needing more. This is something that only a global melt down could put in reverse.
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