Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping Announces Affiliation With Organic Landscape Alliance (OLA)

March 17, 2006   Business News

Toronto, CANADA- Richard Brzakala, owner of Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping and its subsidiaries ;Applewood Stoneworks, and Applewood Property Management -APM (“Applewood”), announced today that “ in keeping with our parent company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and organic gardening and lawn care, Applewood has become a proud “member” of the Organic Landscape Alliance (OLA) “.

The OLA is a non-profit trade association that is committed to the development of organic horticulture. It provides professionals (including landscape workers, growers, arborist’s, parks staff and turf managers) the opportunity to network with leading experts in the field. OLA offers opportunities to learn about the latest organic products and techniques, and keeps its members abreast of the ever-changing legislative environment.

Mr. Brzakala says that “we look forward to becoming an active member of the OLA “. “What attracted us to the OLA is their commitment to support homeowners and property managers who are interested in learning about organic horticulture and how to integrate it into their property maintenance routine”. Mr. Brzakala went on to state that Applewood shares a similar environmental philosophy to that of the OLA, in that “Applewood tries to execute our commitment to the environment in our business strategy by promoting an organic and environmental friendly approach whenever we service our clients “.

In describing his companies business approach and how they differ from a lot of other lawn care and gardening service providers in southern Ontario, Mr.Brzakala states that “our goal as a business is not just to be profitable, provide the best customer service at the best pirce, but also to try to educate and make our clients and the public aware of all of the benefits to organic gardening and lawn care.”

“We demonstrate our commitment to the environment and organic gardening by practicing what we preach. We believe that we have a responsibility to the environment that goes far beyond our individual clients’ backyard’s”, says Mr.Brzakala.

Mr.Brzakala also points out another benefit to the OLA membership in that ,“we believe that our membership in the OLA will help raise our profile as a strong proponent of organic gardening and lawn care“.

He states that, “it is important that we get our message out to as many people as possible”. Mr. Brzakala believes that social responsibility and environmental awareness are at the heart of Applewood’s business strategy and approach. “Most clients that partner with Applewood recognize what we are about, and they recognize and appreciate that our commitment to beautifying neighbourhoods goes beyond one geographic area or marketplace” says Mr.Brzakala.

Patrick McKinnon, who is responsible for managing Applewood’s day to day operations and overseeing their experienced work crews states that, “where ever and whenever possible, we look for opportunities to promote organic gardening and the use of natural techniques such as our grub-fighting services, fertilizing and weeding” . Mr. McKinnon goes on to say that “our crews are very conscious of the importance they play in providing organic maintenance services to our various clientele”.

Both Mr. Brzakala and Mr. McKinnon look forward to gaining more environmentally conscious clients from the excellent client referral service OLA uses when it receives inquiries from the public looking for credible organic service providers.

About Applewood

Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping is the parent company of Applewood Property Management and Applewood Stoneworks all of which are located in Mississauga, Ontario. Applewood is comprised of professionals with over twenty years of experience focusing primarily on residential and small to medium sized commercial corporate projects offering property management, residential and commercial repair services and a full suite of landscaping, lawn care and organic gardening services. Applewood is a privately owned company, founded on ethical and socially responsible business principles Applewood stands by its commitment of environmental responsibility in using only natural products that are friendly to the environment and pose no health risks to our clients and their communities. Applewood is an active member and supporter of a number of local community based environmental charity groups and has most recently contributed financial assistance to the International Red Cross for Tsunami Relief as well as contributed to the Katrina Hurricane Relief Fund. Applewood has volunteered and donated its services and workers to on site projects for Habitat For Humanity as well as local community organizations and schools.

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