mobiVoip makes Voip possible on Palm

May 28, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
MADISON, WI, May 28, 2006:

The Palm OS platform has been a leader in handhelds since the inception of the first Palm Pilot a decade ago. From then, handhelds have come a long way as being mere personal organizers to becoming essential business tools with the ability to access the Internet or a central corporate database via a wireless connection. And thanks to MantraGroup's mobiVoip, even making calls through VoIP is just as convenient.

Palm OS offers the best selection of hardware and software, while preserving the ease of use that launched the mobile data market in the first place.Palm OS is a terrific solution for basic PIM and document use, and PalmSource's number one customer, Palm (a separate, independent company that makes hardware), has done a yeoman's job of extending it to a new line of devices with more multimedia and storage capabilities.

Palm OS as the most used in the world without a VoIP functionality was a sore thumb standing out, causing inconvenience to scores using the OS-driven devices. mobiVoIP has radically changed all of that. With mobiVoIP VoIP is not just possible but a better experience as well.

When Skype came to Pocket PC, allowing wifi-enabled PPCs to make phone calls for free over the internet, users across the globe were hoping for a PalmOS version. The good news has come in the form of the proprietary technology of MantraGroup's mobiVoIP.

Now with mobiVoIP, Palm OS's greatest strengths of running on economical devices (often with long battery life), the handiness of VoIP can be experienced for the very first time. Everybody from those on a budget, those with only basic needs, and those who want access to a host of specialized applications will be very happy with mobiVoIP on devices.

Features Galore:

mobiVoIP allows your Palm to connect to the internet through Bluetooth,Wifi, or EVDO. When you place a call, it sends your call through the internet and connects you to whoever you're calling.

Peppered with great features and developed through a thorough R&D, here's the list of the most popular features of the first official version of the technology mobiVoip 1.0:

* Ability to make PSTN calls over IP!
* Caller-ID [via SIP]
* Profiles Settings Dialog [for configuring user Account]
* Secure Account Authentication using SIP MD5 Authentication
* Network Settings Dialog [for IP address related settings]
* Automatic IP resolution [via STUN servers]
* Detecting Dynamic IP [when STUN is disabled]
* Codecs supported: G.711 and GSM 6.10 FR - choose your codec based on your
connection speed! [GSM 6.10 FR for low speed connections > 60kbps, G711 for
high speed connections > 160kbps]
* Call Timer [should be Enabled from Debug Prefs]
* Audio Configuration Dialog [use to save your bandwidth with voice activity
* Calibration Test - estimate your environment noise and use for noise
* Noise Suppression - a great feature to save your bandwidth usage - use
your connection only to transmit your voice!
* Setting for duration to Keep transmitting after silence [specified in
multiples of 20mS]
* Dial, Hang-up & Redial - now with newer and larger button!
* Touch-tones [DTMF]
* Mute Speaker/Mic
* Lookup Phonebook - Dial right from your contacts!
* Bandwidth Test - a simple echo test to get an estimate of your bandwidth!
[(latency time to hear your voice back); (as your voice makes a round trip)]
* Recommended Connections - WiFi, Bluetooth, EV-DO
* Treo 600/650 extras - Easy five-way navigation
* non-Treo extras - No worries of network disconnection on device entering
sleep mode
* Real time auto-updates

mobiVoIP is available in Australia, China, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong,Italy,New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, the UK and the USA.

With so much on offer, the future of handhelds is now - mobiVoIP.