Hang Out With Millionaires

June 04, 2006   Technology News

Hang Out With Millionaires
Internet millionaires reveal their true inside secrets to you. How they think, how they act, what makes them different from you.

New Church, VA - 5/28/06 - Internet millionaires Jeff Paul, Jim Fleck, and Shawn Casey today introduced their new exclusive Internet club - The Millionaire of the Month Club. "We will show you how to set up your own automatic internet wealth machine and have it ready to generate cash in less than 48 hours even while you're working at your current job. It's not just a dream, you can do it if you know how" say Jeff, Jim And Shawn.

The Millionaire of the Month club is a club designed to allow you to take back your life, to design it and live it the way you want.

Who are these three? They are the real deal. In 2005 alone they combined to make over 5 million dollars online.

Jeff Paul is the guy who has sold over 100,000 "Make Money In Your Underwear" home based business from TV. Over the last three years, Shawn Casey's home based internet business has generated over 17 million dollars in sales from more than 110,000 customers in 119 countries. Jim fleck is an underground Internet money making genius who designs systems to make money 24/7/365. He designed the legal, ethical. and moral Internet money making systems for their combined businesses.

Every month features:

Interviews - a new Internet millionaire spilling his closely guarded secret to you.

A newsletter - a controversial newsletter written for people to use to go from a life of mediocrity to a life of riches.

Product of the month with resell rights - a new product given to you every month that you can sell and keep 100% of the profits. And

Reseller rights to this club - invite others to become a member and earn a residual income from as long as they remain a member.

Others have joined and are making a nice income for themselves:

"It's the ultimate freedom machine. Instead of getting nasty letters and bill collection notices, now I get checks, I operate strictly out of my home. I make around $1800 per day and now I'm completely independent."
Mike M - California

"One of the great changes is that I can work from home and spend a lot more time with my wife. One of Jeff's ideas cost me nothing and after 7-10 days we had about 250 people who turned into $14,000. ."
Michael J - Washington

" I was a mill worker. I put out a product and in less than 2 weeks I made #38,000. I got the hell out of the mill. You just follow the steps 1-2-3."
John LaTourette - Oregon

Other helpful information regarding this club can be found at: http://millionaireofthemonth.com/affiliates/clickthru.cgi?id=meissen.

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