Highly Accurate Max Bantam Paper Counter Added To ABC Office

July 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
KAYSVILLE, Utah, July 3, 2006 – Although paper counters may not be at the top of most peoples’ “must see” list, the new Max Bantam paper counter is an important part of many businesses’ daily operations. ABC Office recently added this paper counter to its line of paper counters, bringing its total line of paper counters up to five. This new paper counter is very accurate, fun to use and can easily fit on a desk or table (http://www.abcoffice.com/bantam.htm).

The Max Bantam paper counter can take a stack of about 1000 sheets of paper and count it right down to the last sheet of paper with 100 percent accuracy. The entire process takes just seconds. This is thanks to a series of lasers, sensors and pneumatic gadgetry. No matter how many times a stack is placed in the counter, the final count will be the same every time.

Who uses a paper counter? Industries that print material and need to keep inventory of paper use paper counters have a critical need for a paper counter. Counting paper by hand is impractical, and every sheet can add up to lost money if not properly tabulated. Many comparable paper counters measure the thickness of a stack of paper and give the operator an estimate of the sheet total. Because the Max Bantam gives an exact sheet total, money is saved and the level of efficiency is raised.

Because ABC Office is a leading supplier of office automation equipment, they provide customers with the ability to see equipment demonstrated online. A live video demo of the Max Bantam paper counter can be requested by going to http://www.abcoffice.com/askdave/online-demo.htm?Product=bantam. Once the request is placed, a customer service representative can demonstrate the paper counter as if that person were in the showroom itself.

ABC Office is excited to have the addition of the Max Bantam paper counter and is certain it will solve many businesses’ paper counting needs.

For further information, please contact David Stuart, Marketing Supervisor of ABC Office, 1-800-658-8788, info@abcoffice.com.