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July 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
One medium that hasnít taken a break from the scorching growth run is the Internet. This blistering growth has been powered by a slew of factors like a 54 percent growth in internet base which touched a high of 50.6 million and the more online trading services.

Today India has the fourth largest Internet user base in the world (at over a billion) after the US with over 200 million of the total, China and Russia, according to sources; an agency tracking the online industry. Significantly, contrary to popular perception that cyberspace in a niche medium confined to the metros, a huge 49 percent of the netizens are from outside the top eight cities.

The prime factor for this spiraling growth in the cyber world are; the drastic drop in the broadband rates and better connectivity even on the dial up networks, coupled with larger PC penetration driven by affordable PCs have also been enabling factor.

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