DJ Monkey Release More Than A Musical Statement With 3RD World War

July 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Los Angeles, California—DJ Monkey will release their new album 3rd World War on July 7. The fact that its release coincides with Independence Day is significant. Most American’s have plenty to be grateful for and some choose not to celebrate this important holiday, as it does not hold a specific meaning and others are just the opposite. With that thought in mind DJ Monkey focuses on how a large cross section of individuals feel about current world events and the prevailing attitudes of racism (Love Has No Color), war (3rd World War), and all the other subjects that people take issue with in varying degrees of passion.

3rd World War is another level of intensity for DJ Monkey, lyrically and musically. The band has a distinct sound yet you cannot put it in a box and tuck it away in a corner. They are a musical hybrid if you will-a melting pot of rap, jazz, blues, rock, and spoken word. Every track on the album has a focus and purpose that the band holds close to their hearts. From the hard driving rock anthem “Hard Times NYC” to the dark closer “Vampires,” this band takes you for a trip around the world and into the inner cities, were you find every type of individual and cause going on simultaneously, there is never a dull moment.

The DJ Monkey mantra is diversity, and with their powerful new release 3rd World War, they are ready for you to consume it all, the only prerequisite is an open mind free of barriers listening to music and everything it encompasses. If your thought process is as divergent as this band’s musical interpretations then you are in for a great experience.

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