New Literature Journal REMIXED

July 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
REMIXED is literature journal devoted to the phenomenon of remixing of literature. The journal aims to develop new discourses and radical interpretation of the famous or less famous literature works (novels, poetry, short stories, excerpts or philosophical works) from the past. The former of the journal Nigel Tomm said that “we are not afraid of any kinds of experiments in the field of transforming, changing, interpreting or deconstructing different kinds of literature. That is why we are very open and excited in REMIXED.”

The remixing of literature started from Nigel Tomm’s work “Shakespeare’s Sonnets Remixed”, where the author took the original text of Shakespeare’s Sonnets and deconstructed them into modern language with changing form and meaning beyond physical recognition.

REMIXED Literature Journal