July 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
New York, New York (July 3, 2006)—Lightload Towels, a lightweight, versatile towel originally developed with backpackers and campers in mind, is finding a niche among householders, commuters and other “regular people” who appreciate its portability and surprising number of uses. A creation of Dyna-E-international’s George Wheeler, Lightload Towels are dubbed “the lightest, most versatile towels around.” Wheeler designed the towels with backpackers, campers and others who need sturdy towel that will easily fit into packs and camping gear and does not weigh them down. Each Lightload Towel weights only half an ounce and is packaged in a two-inch diameter that expands to a full 12 x 24 inches when the towel is fully opened. Because of their size and weight, they are not only perfect for outdoor activities, but they can also be stored with ease under sinks, in purses, in diaper bags, in glove compartments, in jacket pockets – virtually anywhere - so a towel is always available when needed.

Made of 100% viscose, Lightload Towels have a great look and feel as well. They are as absorbent as sponges, but cover more surface area, making them excellent for household cleaning. Among other uses, they are great for wiping up water around kitchen and bathroom sinks. They make excellent dishtowels, and they are useful for cleaning appliances and tabletops as well. Because these towels dry so quickly, they don’t have to hang over sink faucets or shower rods all day to dry. They can be put away soon after use.

In addition to their household uses, Lightload Towels are finding favor with anyone who is ever on the go. “I have a few of these towels stashed in my car, and I’m always finding an opportunity to use one!” said one commuter. “If I spill coffee on the way to work or need to clear the windshield on a foggy day, I just pull out one of these towels. They’re great place mats for park benches at lunch time too!”

Mothers of young children are especially happy with the portability of Lightload Towels. With babies or small children in tow, there sometimes seems to be no end to the number of items a mom needs to carry around, even on a short trip to the shopping mall or park. Lightload Towels can fit into a diaper bag or stroller without being noticed, but there is no limit to the number of ways they can be used with the kids. Ask any mom whose toddler has just finished a chocolate ice cream cone!

“I use them to cover public changing tables before I put the baby on them,” one mother of four said. “I have them in my purse all the time!”

Lightload Towels are soft enough to be used comfortably on skin and durable enough to last for months. They are machine washable and completely reusable, and sell for only about two dollars each. More information, including how to order Lightload Towels, can be found on the company’s website at