Entrepreneur to Fortune 1000: “I guarantee that I can save you 15% on your call center services or I work free!”

July 06, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
New York, NY— Richard Hecker is certain that he make any call center run more efficiently. He is so certain; in fact that he is offering an open challenge to any large company. If he does not save at least 15% on overall call center costs, he will not collect any fees and any fees that he does collect should the minimum of 15% be reached, will be tied directly to cost and efficiency benchmarks. “Most call centers are not efficient, especially in large companies. Many call centers have antiquated processes that can easily be tweaked to the tune of serious time and cost savings. Couple this with technology upgrades and it packs a potent punch” said Hecker.

Richard Hecker founded and managed an outsourcing company focusing on India in the call center market; however he has also been heavily involved in software outsourcing. “Outsourcing is one option and one that I know very well but I look at it as a final option and not as a solution in itself. Many times it does offer cost savings but first my goal is to maximize efficiency of current operations. When I look at a company, I first look at what each phone representative does and how much time they spend on each task. I then analyze the overall operational goals and look for ways to simplify the process. I then take a look at training and see where cross training can have serious effects. Next comes to technology, I explore every feature on the technologies in use to see if there is a way to maximize its productivity. The final consideration is outsourcing and then usually only on a very strict basis. The goal is savings and that is my creed” said Hecker.

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About Richard Hecker
Richard Hecker is a young and ambitious entrepreneur. He has founded two successful businesses including an online advertising agency which he founded when he was just fifteen years old and an outsourcing company. He start started offering world-class consulting services and will become the worlds’ premier expert on call center efficiency.