Tired of that old heavy keyboard, tube amplifier or battered guitar?

July 06, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
In the early years we relied on friends, band members and the newspaper classifieds to peddle our unwanted wares. Today, Kevin Kopec, of Guitarshows.com has the new solution. Since 1993, he has been producing one day buy, sell or trade networking events called “music selloffs” for the professional musician and hobbyist to meet up with like minded individuals to play on the old adage “one mans trash is another mans treasure”. It's a one day of selling and trading of all types of musicial instruments, parts and projects.

There are clearly individuals who retro reflect on the analog sounds and tube technology, while others move onward into the digital domain. “Interest in good quality vintage equipment is at an all time high”, says Kopec. This is occurring in the collector markets for guitars, tube audio and other “music gear” items of the past; Just look at EBay or Craigslist to understand the volume of postings under the for sale of musical instruments, parts and accessories.

What has been missing is the touch, feel, see and hear sensory factor not inherent in the classifieds or the nature of online commerce. For an entry fee, individuals have the ability to face to face sell or trade their unwanted gear in a safe public venue with likeminded folks. Additionally, they can become aware of the latest offerings of manufacturers and service providers who cater to this community in gear expos.

Guitarshows.com stages these monthly one day networking shows in the Northeast and New England and is expanding into the MidAtlantic region. Guitarshows.com is changing the way we dispose of unwanted musical items plus find or trade anything of musical value. Summer shows planned in Boston and Central New Jersey.

For more information on this back to the future of trading in musical instruments and gear contact the organizer and promoter at www.guitarshows.com or call 508-865-5935. Kevin K. Kopec