Respironics Remstar Plus CPAP to be discontinued

July 06, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The most popular sleep apnea system, prescribed by pulmonary doctors and sleep clincs, has been the Respironics Remstar Plus. This standard cpap system has stood the test of time, and has become an icon in the CPAP business. CPAP machines, invented about 30 years ago, started off being about 15 lbs. Since then, they have progressively shrank in size, and have become more technologically advanced. With new features like "C-Flex," CPAP devices can now self adjust for pressure, elevation, and voltage variations. Some CPAP units have built in heated humidifiers to make using these systems much more comfortable for the sleep apnea patient. Many of the new models respond to the patient's exhale pattern and automatically lower the air pressure to accomodate a more natural breathing pattern.
The top three manufacturers of CPAP systems have been competing to create smaller, lightweight, & compact machines that offer portablility and functionality. Most of the new "Travel size" CPAP systems are available in advanced technology options like auto-titrating, and bilevel mode systems. Many offer smart card technology for patient data tracking. Now a patient does not have to return for a follow-up sleep study. All they have to do is take their smart card into their doctor for a full review of the past 9-12 months of sleep patterns and trends.
With the recent release of Respironics M-Series line of compact CPAP systems, the days of the "Remstar Plus" will soon fade. This is a perfect time to buy a Remstar Plus at drastically reduced prices. Soon these popular CPAP systems will be discontinued as patients opt for the smaller units. Respironics has teamed up with Express CPAP Supply ( to move out the Remstar Plus inventory. Express CPAP Supply is now selling these ever-poplular Remstar Plus CPAP Systems for only $299. Express CPAP Supply also offers free shipping on all orders!
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