Success Traits Of Coastal Vacations Profit Makers Revealed

July 06, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Months ago the dirty little secret was exposed. 95% of all new home based business owners fail to ever make a dime. Many learned how to avoid being part of that alarming failure rate by reading the news release that exposed the secret.

California based Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino was alarmed, but also puzzled with the unusually low success rate of those working the traditional business model. He set out to determine the common traits possessed by the small group of profit earners.

Marino is part of a training team responsible for the unprecedented success of the Coastal Vacations Sales Center. He also hosts discovery conference calls for those considering a career with Coastal Vacations.

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center is the largest, fastest growing, and most successful group in the 12 year old Coastal Vacations program. Learn more about the ultra-successful hybrid group at

Marino explained; "As a trainer with the most successful group, I was interested to learn what common traits were possessed by the handful who turned a profit. If I could determine what those people had in common, perhaps I could teach it to members who choose to work the old methodology of the traditional business."

Marino examined the backgrounds of those who stuck with the business more than just a few months. He quickly realized that they all had owned some sort of business before. While some worked other home based business ventures, others owned brick and mortar businesses.

That was Marino's first clue. The bulk of the people who start a wholesale travel business with Coastal Vacations have never owned a business before. They lacked actual business experience.

With the old methodology Coastal Vacations Business, that means they must acquire a whole new skill set to be successful. Without the Sales Center business model, new associates must wear all the hats. They are the prospector, salesperson, closer, accountant, product procurement director and chief trainer.

Listen to the stories of the profitable salespeople utilizing the old methodology. S. J. of Georgia and B. B. of Delaware toiled with over 30 business opportunities—-mostly MLM. N.N. of British Columbia was $100,000 in debt and ready to file bankruptcy from all the failed home based business ventures she was involved with.

B. P. of Virginia talks fondly of his days with Don Lepre's money machine, but does not care to discuss his failures. J. N. of Nashville says he is a former franchise owner with MLM experience and S. C. of Ohio brought 20 years of business ownership experience that includes vending machines to his wholesale travel business.

All these salespeople graduated from the school of hard knocks. The failures they experienced are not as important as the education they received.

The profit earners attended Amway conventions, Herbalife rallies and numerous seminars. They spent years learning what to say and how to say it. They practiced on thousands of prospects over the years to learn what works and what does not work.

The truth of the matter is that the old methodology is fully duplicatable over time. The reality is that it takes lots of time to learn and master the skills possessed by the profit generating members. Much more time than the average new member is willing to invest.

New members want to see profits within a few weeks, not next year. It is unlikely that they will take the time to learn and master all the skills the profit generators have acquired over several years.

Coastal Vacations is a great product. However, even the greatest products in the world require salespeople. The results claimed by the profit generating salespeople is not the result of people simply begging to buy after one or two exposures. It is the culmination of years of toil, seminars, and practice. They have become experts at getting the "yes" and they get them.

A business model in which new members don't have to master a long list of skills to earn profits has taken the home based business world by storm. The hybrid Coastal Vacations business model supports members with a full time staff to handle many of the details for them.

Members of the hybrid don't need to master a long list of skills to start earning profits. Cutting edge training is provided, but is much more focused that with the old methodology business. Associates can quickly grasp and implement their part of the equation to produce income.

Learn why the hybrid Coastal Vacations model is so much more effective. Learn the benefits of having the support of a full time staff and how access to a massive training library can help grow a business. See the business model and learn how the personal mentoring of Dean Marino offers members the most successful business model with a personal touch at .