Vagina As Art: "Erotic Book" Provides New Perspective On Viewing Vagina As Aesthetic Triumph Of Nature

July 10, 2006   Entertainment News
(PRLEAP.COM) Sheldon Filger, novelist and fine art photographer, has created thousands of nude images celebrating the beauty of the female body. In his new literary work, "Erotic Book," the author utilizes his photographic experience in providing a new, uplifting image of the eroticism of the female body. Perhaps among the most significant aspects of "Erotic Book," Mr. Filger devotes an entire chapter to exploring the aesthetics and artistic beauty of the vagina.

"In popular culture, the vagina is perhaps the most feared and discomforting physical aspect of women," Mr. Filger said. "The primary reason for that has been the odious influence of pornography, which has vulgarized, depersonalized and degraded the vagina. However, in truth, the female vulva is the utimate visual and aesthetic aspect of feminine power and sensual beauty," he added.

In discussing the aesthetics of the vagina in his book, Mr. Filger makes reference to Georgia O'Keefe, the American woman artist who created a number of sensuous paintings presenting the vagina allegorically as flower petals. "What O'Keefe understood was that the vagina is both fragile and powerful, a visual paradox of erotic and artistic beauty and aesthetic complexity," Filger said. "Starting from her perspective, I present an aesthetic understanding of the vagina to my readers that liberates this sacred spot of feminine beauty from the crassness of popular vulgarity."

In addition to exploring the aesthetic nature of the vagina, "Erotic Book" also devotes a great deal of attention to the breasts of women. Among other points made by the author, he argues that breast size is the least relevant
determinant of what defines the female breast as sensuous, erotic and beautiful. "From my experience as a fine art photographer of the female nude figure, I finds, shape, curvature and texture to be far more important in defining the breast as visually enticing," said the author of "Erotic Book."

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