Tai Chi Qigong and Shamanic Journey to Peru, Bolivia - experience the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the lost city of Machu Picchu

July 11, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Peru's premiere spiritual guide, Shaman Jorge Luis Delgado and Aimon Kopera, well known Qigong instructor and owner of Qi Mountain will lead the spiritual journey to Peru and Bolivia in October 2006. Participating individuals will experience the Sacred Valley of the Incas, share in traditional Andean ceremonies at night in the lost city of Machu Picchu, visit island cultures on Lake Titicaca and practice Tai Chi, Qigong and Sundo Yoga Meditation daily with Aimon Kopera. Scheduled during the spring season in Peru from October 14th to 26th, 2006, the trip promises to be one of its kind and interested individuals are invited to “let your spirit take flight”.

Peruvian mystic, Jorge Luis Delgado, the author of “Andean Awakening: An Inca Guide to Mystical Peru” will open the door to his mystical homeland as he describes his own journey of awakening. Speaking about the trip and its highlights such as Aramu Muru’s doorway, Delgado says, “For several years I had strong recurring dreams of a pink doorway made out of rock and followed my heart to find it. In the early 90’s I came upon it off the Pan-American Highway near the shore of Lake Titicaca. The local people told stories of people disappearing through this “Doorway.” I realized I had found the legendary portal of Aramu Muru (the enlightened sage from Lemuria), a direct link to the Golden Sun Disc from Mu and the legendary Monastery of the Seven Rays, the repository of sacred esoteric teachings from Lemuria. Since then I have been assisting individuals and travel groups in their quest of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) experience”.

Explaining why individuals would find this journey fascinating and an experience of a lifetime, Aimon says, “Jorge will assist us in experiencing the Apus, the spirit of the Sacred Mountains and Pachamama, Mother Earth. Those who join us will discover why this is the most extraordinary time to be alive. It is an opportunity to claim one’s place among the Children of the Sun and a journey of discovery through the legendary Doorway of Aramu Muru. Shaman Delgado will be the bridge person assisting each participant to cross over from one state of consciousness to another, a profound state of re-discovering oneself”.

Interested individuals can choose between a one, two or three week trip. The first part of the journey in week one will cover the City of Cusco described by the Incas as the “navel of the world” in the Sacred Valley known as the “womb of the world”. A visit to the lost city of Machu Picchu will also be covered in this first week. The second part of the mystical journey will be a week-long discovery of the sacred sites and island cultures around Lake Titicaca, passing through the sacred mysterious portal of Aramu Muru’s doorway and visiting the sacred location of Sillustani, known for its circular burial towers, chullpas that stand high above deep blue Lake Umayo. The final leg of the journey in week three will be to Copacabana on the western border of Bolivia and a visit to the ancient site of Tiahuanaco. More information for a detailed itinerary and online registration is available on www.qimountain.com.

Aimon Kopera heads a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners at Qi Mountain. She is a licensed HeartMath one-on-one provider, a WISH certified medical Qigong instructor and certified Integral Tai Chi Qigong Instructor. Aimon is also certified in Korean Hand Acupuncture and is a certified hypnotherapist. A Full Instructor of the Universal Tao System and a registered nurse, Aimon has been described as the epitome of nurturing, healing, teaching and motivation. She helps many others reach their goals with personalized support to meet individual needs and inspires her clients with her unique blend of calm, poise, humor and discipline.

Jorge Luis Delgado speaks the native languages of the indigenous Andean peoples as well as Spanish and English. Aimon Kopera has traveled to the Sacred Sites in the Andes Mountains of Peru meeting and experiencing the personal teachings and ceremonial rituals of her Shaman friend, Jorge Delgado. Together, they now invite others to join them in this very special pilgrimage.

About Qi Mountain: Qi Mountain combines traditional Asian practices and neuroscience to help individuals access their higher potential, create a healthy life balance, reduce stress and lose weight. Owner Aimon Kopera is an expert in the fields of Holistic Fitness, Spiritual Growth and Asian Healing Arts such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Sundo, Zen Yoga, and Breathing Meditation. She also practices and teaches Developing Intuition and Remote Viewing. For those in the corporate world and beyond who suffer from the daily ravages of stress, Aimon and her team of instructors offer one-on-one coaching in stress and weight management, personal and spiritual growth. Qi Mountain also offers special-topic workshops on topics such as Remote Viewing, Tarot, The Arts of Divination, Feng Shui, Breath Works, Conscious Journeys and more at the Qi Mountain Studios in Greenville South Carolina, Sedona Arizona and in international locales such as Thailand, Peru and China.