Gambling Stories! Read All About ‘em!! A Great online collection, lovingly compiled by Lloyd Hewitt.

July 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Lloyd Hewitt, gambling aficionado and gambling story collector, has put together a new web site that’s devoted to gambling stories. He’s been collecting for years, and finally decided to put them on the ‘net for all to enjoy! Lloyd Hewitt has been frequenting casinos for most of his life, and started collecting gambling stories after sitting in the bar at the Fremont, many years ago, listening to some old pros shooting the crap. His first gambling stories were scribbled down on bar napkins and coasters; then he decided to start carrying a notepad every time he hit the casinos. It wasn’t long before the notepad turned into a tape recorder, and he ended up spending most of his time in the bars (listening, not drinking!) compiling the gambling stories that are available on his site today.

“After many years of gathering these gambling stories, I finally decided that the stacks of paper and tapes needed a new home; one that could be shared with anyone interested in hearing those fascinating tidbits that only a trusted listener would be told.” Mr. Hewitt is very proud of his new site that his nephew, Jeremy, helped him design and hopes you enjoy reading all the gambling stories that he’s lovingly compiled. “I hope you like reading all the stories as much as I enjoyed finding them. A lot of late nights and last calls went into this collection of stories and anecdotes. I don’t think there’s another site on the Internet quite like mine.”

The gambling stories and gambling anecdotes are still rolling in, and Lloyd wants to make sure he doesn’t miss any stories, so if you have one you’d like to share with the world, just send him an email at:, and Lloyd will be more than happy to read it over, and put it up on his site as soon as he can.

So go now! Why wait? is just waiting for you to drop by for some entertaining reading! Who knows, maybe you’ll see your gambling story there, or maybe you’ll be motivated to share a similar story that you experienced. If you have a gambling story of your own, you never know when you might end up at a casino bar, late at night, telling your tale to none other than Lloyd himself! – where you’ll find all the gambling stories fit to print, lovingly complied by Lloyd Hewitt, gambling aficionado and gambling story collector! Visit the site today!