Announces "TUNETOGO" Mobile Subscription Service.

July 13, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News is partnering with many mobile industry manufacturers, software vendors, content providers, and the Media Plazza billing gateway to offer the biggest mobile entertainment catalogue in one convenient location for their customers. The new "TUNETOGO" mobile subscription service is a natural extension and addition to the widely popular "VIM PASS" club offer.

With a "VIM PASS" membership, one can save up to 80% off already low fees. The new "TUNETOGO" subscription service, however, allows customers to have access to an unlimited ringtone, image or Java game catalogue at a fixed monthly rate! The two subscription services are complementary to one another. Now, mobile hobbyists all over the world can select the preferred subscription option to download Java games or customize the look and sound of their mobile phone, PDA, pocket PC, or mobile media center. The newly launched service will gradually become accessible in more than 13 countries (United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia, France).

MediaHobby's Mobile Affiliation Programme is present in over 65 countries. It is used by many affiliate sites, enabling owners to monetize their traffic all over the world by means of an entirely white-label platform. Due to the VIP partner status granted by Media Plazza, can offer to their most established affiliates the most unparalleled payout structure on the mobile market. By promoting "TUNETOGO", affiliates can be sure of achieving a much higher conversion rate than competitors could offer, and therefore obtain a much higher eCPM on promotion campaigns.

Every customer registration with the "TUNETOGO" service from the affiliation network will be recorded in affiliate's account in real time. Notwithstanding the provisions of General Affiliation Conditions, particularly with regard to the financial terms, which remain fully applicable, the payout terms are as follows for each customer registered on the "TUNETOGO" service:


France 1.5
Belgium 2.5
Netherlands 3.5
Luxembourg 1.3
Switzerland 2
United Kingdom 4.5
Australia 1
Ireland 2.5
Austria 3.1
Germany 3
Sweden 2
Norway 2.5
Finland 2.5

If the subscriber unsubscribes within the first week or recharging is not possible, the applicable payout will be the payout applying to unit downloads by SMS+, depending on the country involved, in accordance with the affiliation payout table.

For more information about services for customers or affiliates, please visit and if you feel additional questions need to be addressed, use the form on the "Help" section to send your inquiry.

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